Production for Print

Gives designers the information they need to ensure trouble-free, high-quality printing to calibrate images (colour and black and white); adjust trapping levels in the major software applications, and mix colours that don't print as something that is a complete surprise. This book is suitable for students, and for graphic designers.

ISBN: 9781856696999
£ 19.95
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Getting it right in print

Many graphic designers who have a degree course or extensive training behind them have little knowledge of the actual requirements of the printing process. Often afraid to admit it, every time they send a job to the printer they experience a period of nail-biting anxiety because they don't know how it's going to turn out.

ISBN: 1856694216
£ 17.95
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Print Is Dead Long Live Print

This book is a dynamic and generously illustrated survey of independent publications that are breathing new life into old media.

ISBN: 9783791349541
£ 29.99