Book Cover in the Weimar Republic, The

Roaring Jackets: The very finest in German publishing 1919-1933 The years between the First and Second World Wars in Germany are famed for their cultural boom. With Berlin as its epicenter, the Weimar republic was replete with ground-breaking literature, philosophy, and art. At the heart of this intellectual and creative hub weresome of the most outstanding and forward-thinking book designs in history.Book Covers in the Weimar Republicassembles1,000 of the most striking examples from this hub of publishing activity and innovation.Based on the remarkable collection of Jurgen Holstein and his rare collectibleBlickfang, it combines anunparalleled catalog of dust jackets and bindingswith Holstein s introduction to the spirit and leading figures of Weimar publishing. Expert essays discuss the aesthetic and cultural context of theseprecious fourteen years, in which a freewheeling spirit would flourish, only to be trampled, burned, or driven out of the country with the rise of National Socialism.From children s books to novels in translation, bold designs for political literature to minimalist artist monographs, this is a dazzling line-up oftypography, illustration, and graphic design at its most energetic and daring. Part reference compendium, part vintage visual feast for the eyes, this very particularcultural historyis at once a testament to an irretrievable period of promise and acelebration of the ambition, inventiveness, and beauty of the book. Text in English and German "

Author: Jurgen Holstein
Published: August 5,2015
ISBN: 9783836549806
£ 44.99
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Book Cover in the Weimar Republic, The