Creative Superpowers : Equip Yourself

We are about to enter a new Age of Creativity that will require a new set of superheroes to help the world thrive. This book will make you one of those creative superheroes by unleashing new creative superpowers to help you solve your biggest business problems, namely the powers of: Hacking - learn how becoming a hacker will help you tackle problems in different ways. Making - learn how getting your hands dirty and making things opens up new parts of the brain as well as creating happy accidents. Teaching - learn how teaching yourself and others consolidates experience in a fast-paced world. Thieving - learn how looking to what already exists helps you solve your problems. This is the Modern Skillset for Creative Problem Solving.

Author: Laura Jordan Bambach, Mark Earls
Published: October 3,2019
ISBN: 9781783529032
£ 9.99
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Creative Superpowers : Equip Yourself