Good Dog

Dog really tries his best to be a Good Dog! for his owner, Melvin.

But unfortunately it's just not that easy. First there's the case of the missing extra-delicious-smelling pizza slice - but that's really nothing to do with him. Then there's giant surprise SNIFFLE SNUGGLES when Melvin is lying down asleep. Then there's the smashed lamp... and the wee-wee on the floor... But it really is SO DIFFICULT to be a Good Dog. Will Dog ever succeed? Find out in this hilarious, heartwarming story of one lovably clueless dog and his owner.

From the team that brought you My Mum Always Looks After Me So Much.

Author: Sean Taylor, David Barrow
Published: February 4,2020
ISBN: 9781786037251
£ 11.99
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Good Dog