Imaginings by Kiki van Eijk

Whimsical clocks, poetic glass sculptures, dreamy wall hangings and colourful textile collages: let yourself be inspired by the wonderful imagination of Kiki van Eijk.
Over the past twenty-years, the Dutch designer Kiki van Eijk (b. 1978) has created an extensive oeuvre, including carpets, tapestries, lamps, glassware, furniture and sculptural objects. Her playfulness with form, great attention to tactility and skilful craftsmanship has given her a unique voice within Dutch design. Van Eijk's creative process is based on her imagination, which she captures in drawings, sketches and textile collages.
The publication Imaginings, Kiki van Eijk is an ode to this imagination and presents an overview of Van Eijk's existing oeuvre. The book looks closely at her creative process as well, with images and descriptions of objects, sketches and preliminary studies. Texts are by by Suzan Russeler (curator TextielMuseum), Lidewij Edelkoort (trend forecaster), Marc Mulders (painter) and Blaire Dessent (design journalist).

ISBN: 9789462086104
£ 31.00
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Imaginings by Kiki van Eijk