Legaspi: Rick Owens

One of the unsung heroes of fashion in the 70s, Larry Legaspi was a designer ahead of his time. Crafting a space-age look in silver and black leather, Legaspi created the look for the defining musical acts of the era, including KISS, Labelle, George Clinton, and Parliament. Dying of AIDS in 2001, Legaspi s twin legacies as both designer and curator remain largely unexplored. This volume, authored by Rick Owens, intends to fill in crucial gaps in the knowledge of Legaspi s work and impact on the fashion world, all the while providing a dynamic visual presentation of the life and work of a legend. Filled with a blend of previously unpublished photographs of Legapi s creations as well as new images of Owens work, this stunning volume tells the story of the designer s subversive sensibility. An essay by Andre Leon Talley and interviews with Patti Labelle, Paul Stanley, Valerie Legaspi, and Pat Cleveland offer a intimate glimpse into Legaspi s world.

Author: Rick Owens, Paul Stanley
Published: September 3,2019
ISBN: 9780847867066
£ 55.00
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Legaspi: Rick Owens