Not Interesting : On the Limits of Criti

Not Interesting proposes another set of terms and structures to talk about architecture, without requiring that it be interesting.
This book explores a set of alternatives to the interesting and imagines how architecture might be positioned more broadly in
the world using these other terms. The alternatives presented here are labelled as boring, confusing, and comforting. Along with
interesting, these three terms make up the four chapters of the book. Each chapter introduces its topic through an analysis of
a different image, which serves to unpack the specific character of each term and its relationship to architecture. In addition to
text, the book contains over 50 case studies using 100 drawings and images. These are presented in parallel to the text and
show what architecture may look like through the lens of these other terms.

Author: Andrew Atwood
Published: September 26,2018
ISBN: 9781940743530
£ 21.95
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Not Interesting : On the Limits of Criti