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Do/ Open: David Hieatt

The Do Book Company are based just around the corner from us in Shoreditch, publishing books with authors who have previously given talks as part of Do Lectures. Do was founded in 2008 by a couple in Wales, Clare and David Hieatt, with the aim of bringing 'do-ers' of the world together under the formula: ideas + energy = change. A percentage of each book sale is ploughed back into the lecture series


We have stocked a number of their publications over the last 3 or 4 years and some of these have sold very well, particularly Do/ Design, Do/ Fly, Do/ Purpose & Do/ Story. The newest book from their press is Do/ Open written as it happens by one the founders of Do, David Hieatt and Do/ Open forms the communication philosophy of David and Clare’s jeans business, Hiutt Denim Co.


Like their previous publications Do/ Open is designed to be instantly accessible and ultimately, useful and useable. Do/ Open aims to break down the means by which corporations communicate, in order to make them come across as more un-corporate. It sounds simple, and in effect it is, but sometimes it’s good to hear those same clear, timeless ideals listed again in a concise, well designed and clever handy collection of pages. I think this book will suit any new and/or small business, or individual starting out, with a visionary idea/product, wanting to communicate with their potential customers.


Do/ Open is, I think, intentionally based around the notion of the ‘old-fashioned’ newsletter and all that that suggests; news of some sort, information destined for an ‘understood’ end-user, and clear, unambiguous design. It demonstrates that by cutting down to simple and heartfelt messages, paring back to the inherent nature of ‘what we do’, and doing so with passion, we can all learn how to lay open the nature of what we wish to communicate and that by doing so people will listen and will respond.