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Graphic Novels

Part 1

A number of the staff at Artwords are passionate about graphic novels, so I’ve put together a list of the recent books we’ve had.

Despite being dominated by superhero publishers such as Marvel and DC, the medium of comic books and graphic novels lends itself to every genre, telling an endless array of stories and channelling the talents of some of the world's most imaginative creators.

We stock a wind range of graphic novels, and related books, as our listing here I hope demonstrates. As to advice on how to read them, the only guidance I have is to take your time. Just because they seem "text light" doesn't mean they are to be raced through and disposed of.

The lower word count of comics means you can spend time soaking in the carefully thought-of art that accompanies the text. And as with 'real' books, one of the principle joys of a good graphic novel is that you might want to, or even have to, re-read certain passages or flick back a page or two, to really get what the author and illustrator are saying.

There is something really special that can happen when you bring together images and words in the way comics do, and when it comes to the kinds of difficult subject matters that can feel abstract in text, graphic novels can make those issues feel distinctly tangible.

to be continued...


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